weekly Kundalini Yoga Classes


From January 4th this class will run online
Tuesday 6-7.30pm LIVE class.
See here for more information. 

- Please bring your own yoga mat or blanket. 

- Try to avoid a heavy meal 2 hours before the class

- Wear loose, comfortable clothing (preferably white)

- Inform the teacher about all medical conditions before the class.                                                                      

And the most important, open your mind and heart for new experience

Daria is an incredible teacher and I don't put it lightly when I say her classes and workshops have been 'life-changing'! You really do feel such a natural high after each class. She is inspirational and a very 'real' teacher. I've practiced ashtanga yoga and other styles for many years but I can honestly say I have grown more, opened my mind and experienced more bliss in my one year of Kundalini yoga than in any other styles. And Daria is to thank for that! - Charlotte